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CD markers for flow cytometry- PE

A range of phycoerythrin (PE) conjugated monoclonal antibodies directed against cell surface antigens of leukocytes and platelets. These reagents allow for the detection and isolation of cell populations by flow cytometry for both clinical and biomedical research applications.

Further information is available via the Sanquin website:

Product Name    
CD10 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1692
CD13 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1726
CD16 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1690
CD22 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1727
CD25 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1728
CD28 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1630
CD45RA-PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M2112
CD63 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1698
CD66E PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M1693
CD69 PE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M2282
IgG2B PE ISOTYPE - 1ml/100 tests CLB-M2230



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