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Mast IsoplexNucleic Acid Amplification

Kits for the amplification of nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) which subsequently can be used for a variety of applications, embracing Molecular Biology techniques in both Clinical Diagnostics and Research.  By custom designing oligonucleotide primers using a free web based primer designing tool, loop mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) can be applied to any field.

Mast Isoplex® DNA and Mast Isoplex® RNA, contain a set of pre-diluted reagents, providing convenience and reliability to enable streamlining of laboratory processes.

Mast Isoplex® produces huge quantities of nucleic acid in an extremely short reaction time of 15-60 minutes.  Furthermore, the inclusion of a strand displacement enzyme at a constant temperature of 60-65°C makes the assay less prone to sample inhibition as seen in PCR.  Results can be read visually or in Real-time using standard PCR platforms.

Using novel LAMP technology offers rapid turnaround times in a single step assay, with minimal equipment requirements.

Download the free web based primer designing tool here.

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