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Mast Group Ltd. offers its extensive range of microbiology and immunology products through its Subsidiary companies and a global network of Distributors. Mast also offers in certain countries other quality Diagnostic products from several internationally renowned manufacturers.

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MAST ASSURE™ Bacterial Agglutinating Antisera
MAST ASSURE™ Bacterial Agglutinating Antisera products are a comprehensive range of polyvalent and monovalent diagnostic antisera for bacterial identification. MAST ASSURE™ Antisera products are used globally for antigenic analysis of clinically significant bacteria such as Salmonella spp,
MAST® Toxoreagent™ - Indirect latex agglutination test for the detection of Toxoplasma antibodies
Toxoplasma gondii is an obligate, intracellular, coccidian parasite which causes toxoplasmosis in humans, a wide range of birds, mammals and reptiles worldwide. T.gondii infects a large proportion of the world's population but uncommonly causes clinically significant disease. Most human toxoplasmosis
MAST ADATAB™ are tablets consisting of a measured dose of antibiotic which can be added to media to produce plates containing a known concentration of antibiotic. This concentration may be adjusted by calculating the number of ADATAB™ added to a given volume of medium. Suspensions of organisms

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