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Mast Group Ltd. offers its extensive range of microbiology and immunology products through its Subsidiary companies and a global network of Distributors. Mast also offers in certain countries other quality Diagnostic products from several internationally renowned manufacturers.

Latest News
New MAST CRYOBANK® - Latest barcoded system
Mast Group Ltd is pleased to announce the arrival of their NEW CRYOBANK®. CRYOBANK® is based on a cryovial system that comprises of chemically treated beads covered with a special cryogenic preserving solution.CRYOBANK® offers a reliable, convenient and versatile system for storing and
MAST Isoplex® DNA Lyo: The latest innovation in LAMP technology
MAST® is pleased to announce the MAST ISOPLEX® DNA Lyo which is a ready to use isothermal amplification kit using LAMP technology and is presented in a convenient lyophilised format. Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification (LAMP) is a rapid nucleic acid amplification method, proven to
Mast Matters: 60th Year Commemorative Issue
MAST® was formed in 1957 and celebrated its 60th year in business in 2017. The UK operation is based at MAST® House, formerly the Bootle General Hospital, which was originally opened in 1872. Complementing the historic building MAST® has recently opened a modern manufacturing facility on

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