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Mast Group Ltd. offers its extensive range of microbiology and immunology products through its Subsidiary companies and a global network of Distributors. Mast also offers in certain countries other quality Diagnostic products from several internationally renowned manufacturers.

Latest News
MAST ADATAB™ are tablets consisting of a measured dose of antibiotic which can be added to media to produce plates containing a known concentration of antibiotic. This concentration may be adjusted by calculating the number of ADATAB™ added to a given volume of medium. Suspensions of organisms
MAST Uri® System Update
The Mast Uri®System is an innovative and efficient semi-automated suite, comprising instrumentation, software and reagents. The system provides a streamlined and cost-friendly alternative to traditional microbiological culture of urines, to aid the diagnosis of urinary tract infections (UTI). The
Carba plus - Complete CPE and OXA-48 confirmation
Mast are pleased to announce the latest addition to the mastdiscs® combi range – Carba plus (D73C), a simple and efficient assay for the confirmation of carbapenemase-producing-Enterobacteriaceae (CPE). Antibiotic resistance has long been a problem that continues to increase, and as the

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